What is expected from you?

The Pitch and Final Event
Shortlisted startups must be prepared to pitch their submission live to the jury of experts on the digital event November 2023. Pitches should be a maximum of 10 minutes long and should answer the questions stated on the following page of this document. Use of prototypes and digital presentation tools is encouraged. 

If your submission takes home the grand prize, nobody but you will continue to own your work. By submitting your project you agree to your company and your project being presented in external communication created by GodEl, Ellevio, THINGS and We Don’t Have Time.

All physical events will take place in Stockholm. All potential costs related to travel and accommodation will be paid for by the participants. Practical information about the events will be sent out well in advance.

The Timeline.

  • 24/5Challenge opens for submissions
  • 20/8Deadline for submissions
  • 28/8Voting opens
  • 24/9Voting closes
  • 29/9Top submissions are shortlisted
  • 15/11Shortlisted startups pitch their ideas to jury of experts. The winners are revealed.