The Challenge.

Startup 4 Climate is one of our most urgent initiatives to date. We believe that innovation and collaboration is key as we move into the future, which is why this challenge is aimed at young companies with ideas that can speed up the energy transition and limit global warming to 1,5 degrees.

The energy transition encompasses initiatives that promote the switch from current energy and transport systems to those systems and solutions that are smarter, more efficient and have the ability to reduce humanity’s negative impact on planet earth.

The Shortlist.


AI for optimizing energy use in buildings.

Myrspoven has set out to tackle emissions stemming from energy use in buildings. Using their AI software, Myrspoven is able to optimize building energy use with the aim to reduce total energy demand.


Efficient, fossil free process for cement production

Cemvision aims to take on the energy and emission intensive cement industry. By replacing virgin limestone use with industrial residue materials containing sufficient levels of calcium oxide, they offer a process in need of lower temperatures enabling an efficient electrification of the procedure.


AI solution for optimizing marine vessel operation

Cetasol is targeting sustainability in marine vessels. Using AI technology, they can provide real-time guidance, e.g. for route optimization, that can lead to a reduction in energy consumption by 10-35%.

Novatron Fusion

Design concept for the realization of fusion energy.

The Novatron Fusion Group has developed a design concept to help realize fusion energy as a feasible source of energy. Looking to build a prototype reactor, they aim to facilitate the employment of fusion energy thereby adding a clean energy source to the existing mix.


Energy storage using organic materials for a lower environmental impact.

Rivus develops batteries that don’t require environmentally harmful metals such as lithium and cobalt. Instead they use molecules from stone coal, an abundant organic material, leading to a reduced environmental impact from mining, transportation, and end-of-life management.

AirZyme Sweden

Biocatalysts for faster and more energy efficient carbon capture

Current global climate goals require support from carbon capture and storage technologies. AirZyme has developed a biocatalyst that accelerates the rate at which carbon can be sequestered while also demanding less energy than existing processes. This results in a decrease in energy use, emissions, as well as operational costs.


Harnessing renewable wave power around the globe

NoviOcean are focusing on the harnessing of wave power at sea. Through each of their wave power units, they aim to reduce 500 tonnes of fossil emissions from energy generation per year, while offering a renewable and largely untapped source of energy.

TERRA AB - winner of People´s Vote

Childrens' game for learning how to be a steward of the planet.

Climatopia is a computer game designed to engage and educate the younger generation about climate change. The game teaches players how to be climate friendly through the use of renewable energy, behavioural changes etc.

The Win-win.

What’s in it for you?

By joining Startup 4 Climate, contestants have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to our jury of experts.

Two winners will share a prize of 2 million SEK, as well as coaching from the expert jury, to help catalyze their ideas and contribute to the energy transition.

Contestants will also receive a membership at THINGS, have the opportunity to interact with two of Sweden’s most well-known energy companies, tap into their networks as well as be fronted on large social media platforms and news outlets.

What’s in it for Ellevio & GodEl?

As two of the Swedish energy market’s most well-known actors, we have a great responsibility in shaping the future of the sector. We want to promote the transition to a truly sustainable energy system, but we can’t do it alone.

Innovation and wide-spread engagement are key aspects for curbing the global climate crisis. Therefore we want to catalyze more actors and contribute to initiatives that can enable our common goals for a sustainable future.

The Timeline.

  • 24/5Challenge opens for submissions
  • 20/8Deadline for submissions
  • 29/8Voting opens
  • 24/9Voting closes
  • 29/9Top submissions are shortlisted
  • 15/11Shortlisted startups pitch their ideas to jury of experts and the winners will be revealed.

About / Collaborators


GodEl is the 9th biggest electricity company in Sweden. It is owned by the GoodCause foundation that donates all dividends to charitable purposes. To this day, GodEl has donated over SEK 65 million to NGO:s such as Naturskyddsföreningen and MSF. GodEl is also a key player when it comes to sustainable electricity contracts. They provide only renewable energy marked as Bra Miljöval. Additionally, GodEl measures the company’s entire carbon footprint and invests in projects that reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.


Ellevio AB is one of Sweden’s largest distribution network operators. Ellevio invests in, develops and maintains the company’s power grids in order to ensure a reliable electricity supply to its 962,000 customers. By investing in a long-term sustainable power grid Ellevio works to improve the quality of life for its customers as well as to enable the ongoing energy transformation and the continued digitization of the society.


THINGS is the #1 deeptech- and innovation hub in Sweden, focusing on industry, infrastructure, utilities and mobility. THINGS Community consists of ~100 members, 50/50 deeptech companies and established companies, ranging from Tokyo to Silicon Valley. Together with them and a range of carefully selected international partners, THINGS provide truly international services for its members including challenges, acceleration programs, co-pilots and matchmaking. THINGS also arrange open events including its eBazaar™, eXplore™ and Get-On-Top-Of™ series.


We Don’t Have Time is a social media network for everyone who wants to be a part of the solution. Being a member of We Don’t Have Time is free of charge and lets you create climate reviews as well as interact and follow other members. The non-profit foundation is based in Stockholm, Sweden and its principal purpose is to contribute to a reduced climate impact and an ecologically sustainable environment.