The Challenge.

The challenge is now closed for submissions.

A big thank you to all of you who have submitted your innovations.
The top submissions will soon be shortlisted on our website, so stay tuned. The chosen ones will go on to pitch their ideas to our jury of experts. The winning startups will be granted a SEK 2 million prize to help catalyze their ideas and contribute to the energy transition.

About the challenge.

Startup 4 Climate is one of our most urgent initiatives to date. We believe that innovation and collaboration is key as we move into the future, which is why this challenge is aimed at young companies with ideas that can speed up the energy transition and limit global warming to 1,5 degrees.

The energy transition encompasses initiatives that promote the switch from current energy and transport systems to those systems and solutions that are smarter, more efficient and have the ability to reduce humanity’s negative impact on planet earth.

The Timeline.

  • 22/5Challenge opens for submissions
  • 25/8Deadline for submissions
  • 2/9Voting opens
  • 29/9Voting closes
  • 7/10Top submissions are shortlisted
  • 14/11Shortlisted startups pitch their ideas to jury of experts and the winners will be revealed.